Drum Priming

For the so-called "priming" of seeds, there are various processes available. One of these processes is "drum priming".

With drum priming a batch of seeds is enclosed in a slowly rotating drum that is being continuously and evenly mixed. During a configurable time period, a predetermined amount of water is gradually and uniformly distributed into the drum. Because of the continuous mixing action, the product evenly absorbs the moisture.

After the seed is sufficiently primed as a result of the moisture at a constant temperature, it is then dried using the same drum. The continuous rotation of the drum ensures that the product is dried uniformly here as well.

In recent years, IVL has already completed different installations for drum priming. The implementation of a drum priming installation is highly customized. Depending on customer requirements there are several options regarding mounting and automation.

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IVL Osmosis priming

The principle

Osmosis priming installations for the purpose of osmosis priming of seeds are built in various designs and systems, in both one-on-one systems and in systems where multiple priming columns are connected to a single system for air conditioning and refrigeration.

The basic principle for the priming columns is the same in all cases, a perspex cylinder in which the seed is put in in the solution that is blown from underneath with (pre-treated) air. The temperature of the solution is controlled by means of an immersion heater that is hung on the column and can be heated and cooled.

Lighting fixtures are placed next to the column. The columns are mounted on a mobile stainless steel frame (combination of fixed and swivel wheels). The various parts of the columns are attached to each other by means of clamps, which makes cleaning easy. The various connections are made using quick couplings.

The installation is completed with the necessary equipment for measurement & control technology. There are various designs available from standalone to local and remote monitoring systems.

Implementation of osmosis priming systems can be fully customized to customer requirements. There is a wide variety of high quality components and materials to choose from.