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IVL Commercial Refrigeration B.V.

EnglishDutchPotato, fruit and vegetable sector

Cooling- and freezing systems specialists in the potato, fruit and vegetable processing sectors for more than 40 years. 

Seed Breeding

For producers involved in seed-breeding activities we construct climate systems that provide optimal results in the seed-breeding process.

Working and living climates

You can also come to us for reputable air-conditioning systems.

Cooling Technology

With more that 40 years experience in the refrigeration sector IVL delivers installations that keep produce in perfect conservation conditions for a longer freshness guarantee. Good commercial refrigeration ensures that your clients receive fresh produce under any circumstance.

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Climate Technology

The processing of food crops and flowers is closely related to climate control. The production of high quality seeds, cuttings and young plants forms an important link in the international agricultural chain. The knowledge in this sector has an innovative, technological nature.

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Living climate

IVL is a dealer of diverse top brands that have excellent quality and long lifespans. There is a vast variety of systems and models allowing for many options. In new systems the technology is cutting-edge giving a quieter, more energy efficient and user-friendly experience.

IVL bedrijfskoeling bv


Keulenaar 11, 3961 NM Wijk bij Duurstede

IVL supplies and installs a variety of high quality refrigeration, freezing and air conditioning systems. Our long-term storage systems stand for freshness guarantee and durability. They postpone decay which fresh products are susceptible to throughout the year. We install customized solutions for both small and large fully automated refrigeration and climate systems.

In the seed breeding sector we produce sophisticated climate control systems that provide optimal results in the seed breeding process.

With decades of experience in refrigeration and air-conditioning IVL is a specialist in the Food and Non-food sector.

Lease or rent?

IVL Bedrijfskoeling B.V.

Do you temporarily need a climate cabinet for research? All our drying, germination and climate cabinets can be leased or rented under favorable conditions.

Call +31 343 561595 or email info@ivl.nl for information

Cool naturally with CO2

IVL stays innovative by continually developing knowledge about cooling technology in relation to product quality. New resources such as CO2 offer better heat transfer resulting in a more even dehumidification. This makes the cell more controllable. Application of natural refrigerants with respect to HFCs delivers an environmental benefit in the form of reduced emissions.